Discover a Brand New Program
Designed For Moms

(and any woman) That Will Give You an “Unfair Advantage”
to Melting Your Muffin Top, Boosting Your Energy,
and Creating Great Friendships.

Dear Mom,

For many years now, you have likely helped everyone else around you more than you have taken care of yourself.  If you are like most moms, you have done more loads of laundry this week then you can count on one hand.  Maybe you have been a taxi service to your kids' games, and activities.  Perhaps you stepped up at the office and took on projects that others have been unwilling to do.  You have likely gone above and beyond to provide for your spouse or partner.  You might volunteer at your kids' school and at church.  And you are likely the one to take the dog out for a walk when nobody else wants to.

You Are The Most Over-Worked and Under-Appreciated Person On The Planet

You used to have
- the time to sit down and read your favorite book and watch your weekly sitcom.
- the time to go out with your girl friends on a Friday night and have a good time.
- time to cook healthy food that tasted good and gave you energy.
- time to go to the gym and workout 3-4 times per week.
- hobbies that were active and made you laugh.

That Was Then… This is NOW

You now have kids and a family and a career that has taken over your life.  Sure your kids are amazing and you wouldn’t trade them for anything.  But, throughout this process of life and growing up, you may have lost a little bit of who you are.

At some point along the way:
- Did you decide that you would prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it?
- Did you trade in the cute, sexy, form-fitting clothes, for loose, baggy, and elastic?
- Did you shift from changing clothes right in front of your partner, to waiting until you were alone?
- Perhaps you stopped looking at your reflection in the windows of buildings or the mirror and instead started to avoid them at all costs?
- Maybe you went from appreciating people giving you compliments to now being unable to accept one when it is given to you?
- Did you begin to only care about your kids, while giving up on yourself?
- Did you stop buying larger clothes because you vowed that “one day” you would lose the weight and fit back into those skinny jeans?

You Are The Glue That Holds The Home Together

But being the glue has come at a big cost to you…

You deserve to have an AMAZING family and an AMAZING life.

When you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t just hurting yourself--you are hurting every person that you love and care about.

It is only when you have bountiful energy, high self-esteem, and fit, strong body that you can serve your family and friends at the highest level.

Hey there, this is Dustin

and I want to take a moment to thank you for coming to this website and spending a few minutes to learn more about how you can get into the best shape of your life, connect with other women, and build your
confidence and self-esteem.

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Why, As A Single Guy, Have I Dedicated My Life To Helping Moms?

The answer is simple. It is a way for me to give back to my mom, who provided me the most amazing childhood that she could have. As I left the house, the oldest of four kids, and decided to get my college degree in Kinesiology (exercise science), I was trying to figure out who I wanted to be a hero to.

Looking back on my childhood I realized how much my mom sacrificed and how much she put everyone’s needs above her own. She didn’t take the time to exercise, and she didn’t have a large support network of other women that she could turn to.

Fortunately for my siblings and me, she was extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and taught us so much about eating healthy and cooking. I attribute her teaching us kids about nutrition as one of the reasons my entire family is extremely healthy.

I wanted to create a program that I wish my mom had while she was raising us kids

The program needed to be affordable (we lived in a mobile home), quick and effective (my mom spent most of her free time with us kids), and it needed to include a community of other women who could relate to my mom on a non “kid” level (there is only so much time a mom can talk to her kids before she needs some adult conversation).

So with that in mind in I created MamaTone, a program for stay-at-home moms in the Madison, WI area that did just that. It became wildly successful and, when full time working moms (SAHM work tons too) wanted an early morning option, I created 5:30 AM programs. One location turned into 11 locations. Moms outside of my area were seeing the results all over TV and the internet and pleaded with me to share the workouts and eating plans that I was using.

In 2009 I began creating workout DVDs that have been used in all 50 states, and about 20 countries around the world. Then I wrote a book, Fit Moms For Life: How To Have Endless Energy To Outplay Your Kids, and created a powerful documentary titled Fit Moms For Life: One in a Million.

I have a thriving community of moms on Facebook that is over 630,000 strong and another 65,000 who are part of our Fit Moms For Life Facebook community.

All Of That Leads Me To Why You Have
Landed On This Website…

I have been blessed to work with 10,000’s of moms in person and virtually over the past decade,
but now it is about creating a movement of a million moms who take the pledge
and join the mission.

What is the Fit Moms For Life Pledge?

As a mom, I’m not used to putting myself first
There are so many people to take care of
But from now on, I pledge to put myself somewhere in the equation

To nourish my body with healthy food as I would feed my family
To strengthen my body with fun activities that get my pulse racing
To work out so that I have more energy to play
To get fitter in order to gain vitality
To rest when I’m weary
And to love my body for the strength it gives me to care for others
And the joy it gives me in living my life
The way it lets me run, jump, soar

I pledge to nourish my mind with healthy attitudes
Useful information,
Positive thoughts,
And the affirmation and support of others who have my best interests at heart
I know I will always have a million ideas, tasks, and responsibilities swirling in my mind
But I pledge to strive for moments of clarity
I will banish those moments of self-doubt
I will love myself as I love my children
I will tell myself, I can do it
I will visualize myself living the life I deserve

I pledge to nourish my soul
To surround myself with people who share my values
Who support my quest for physical, mental, and spiritual health
Who celebrate my victories
Who cheer me on when I stumble
Who know me as a mom, but also as a person

I know there will be times when I falter
I know it won’t be easy
But I know that I deserve this
I am a mother, a caretaker, but I am also a person
I pledge to care for myself, too
To increase the love I lavish on others so that it’s large enough to include me
I pledge to never stop striving toward living my best life
For my family, for my children, but also for me

I owe it to myself to live in the moment
To play so hard and so long that I collapse into laughter
To laugh like a child

I will never forget that tomorrow starts today
I am ready to be my best
And to love who I am at every step along the way

I can do it
I’m worth the effort

How do you create such a dramatic physical and emotional transformation that inspires others to want the same for themselves??

By starting your very own Fit Moms For Life 6-Week Transformational Challenge.

What is the 6-Week Transformation Challenge?

It is a hybrid program that combines workout DVDs, menu plans, a thought-provoking journal, local support groups, books, and an incredible online community.

This is a six week transformational program in which a mom leads a group of other moms through a series of weekly workouts and group discussions. At these meetings, which are the secret sauce of FM4L, they share their stories, receive life-changing teaching segments delivered via DVD, and dig into issues including mindset and goal-setting, nutrition, how to exercise efficiently, and how to build a community of support that will carry them forward long term.

If you can’t find a community in your area or don’t want to start one on your own, join the many from around the world that will be going through the journey by themselves at home, but with the incredible support of our online community.

This isn’t like P90X, Ten Minute Trainer, or any other home based workout DVD program.

This program is designed to deal with the emotional issues that have been keeping you from getting to where you want to go. We help you overcome your limiting beliefs and fear of failure, through a step by step approach of education and thought-provoking questions. By asking the right questions, we can help you create so much leverage and momentum that reaching your ultimate goals is not a hope, wish, or dream, but a forgone reality.

The workouts are only 20-30 minutes a day, 4 days a week and none of the eating plans requires you to be making six figures to afford the groceries or to become a Julia Childs in the kitchen. They are designed for busy women with little time or space to exercise and cook.

Am I Supposed To Do The Challenge Alone?


No! We believe that lack of support is one of the greatest reasons for failure when it comes to reaching your health goals.

There are a couple of different ways to get plugged in.

1. Join a local group by contacting the leader.

2. If there are no local groups in your area, start your own. Click here if you are interested in starting your own.  (We will pay you!)

3. Sign up alone and join all the others from around the world in our private online community.

Whichever one works best for your life, we want to let you know that our team of amazing trainers and staff are ready to help you along the way.

Check Out This Map Of Our Current 6-Week Challenge Leaders (Click on a pin if you want to contact them and join their local group)

See What Our Groups Are Saying!

Well, I got on the scale and it said 151. That is the lowest in two years! This is doing something!! YAY!!! Wish we could workout together all of the time! ~Teresa S, FM4L Highland Group

Just wanted to give a quick update on our group. We're in the second week of the challenge and it's going great. The ladies are doing so well and we're really enjoying getting together--it's just been so fun! The meals are so yummy, my husband and kiddos have had zero complaints, which is huge!  ~Andee W, FM4L leader

WOW, just had a great second meeting! We laughed so hard and shared so many great things. Who would have thought we could have so much fun??! ~Deb M, FM4L group leader

“Thank You” just doesn’t seem sufficient to express the gratitude I feel for the past 6 weeks. The entire FM4L program has far exceeded my expectations!

I think the greatest of the 4 pillars is the Community and it’s the one I am afraid of. When we first talked about it, I felt very alone…my ‘community’ was very small. I am thankful that my accountability group is continuing into the 12-month alumni sessions. It’s not a large number of people; however, Meagan and Beth are so encouraging and truly understand – we keep each other accountable.

I have learned so much in the past 6 weeks, yet it’s not yet a habit. You mentioned that going through a full year of holidays, seasons, celebrations, weather…and learning the program is important.

In looking back at the initial goals and motivation for the 6-week Challenge, “I want more energy. Doing Weight Watchers has helped me lose weight, but I am still tired a lot. I don’t feel healthy.” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Thanks to you and your team!

I have received so many blessings from this program. I have returned to ‘myself’ – my body is stronger, I feel amazing, I have energy and a positive attitude!! I have been using the Attitude for Gratitude Journal app on my phone – finding at least 3 positive things to be grateful for each day! This is working, the negative thoughts still come through – and move through more quickly as the positives overshadow! Aaaahhh!

I am proud to be a part of FM4L – I AM a FM4L!! Connie

What Will I Discover Over The Next 6 Weeks?

  • The type of exercise that burns 5-9X more fat then traditional running. If you don’t like to run,
    you will love our program.
  • The foods that force your body to burn fat. Fats that actually make you skinnier
    (it’s not what the media is telling you).
  • Why working out for any longer than 45 minutes is a waste of time.
  • What the key missing ingredient is when trying to maintain your fat loss results.
  • How to burn the squishy fat off of your belly.

What Exactly is Included In The FM4L 6-Week Challenge?


If you invest in the full version of the program (which we recommend), you will be receiving a 65 page participants guide that will take you through each week of the challenge, focusing on different topics each week. You will be answering questions that you will be discussing in your local groups or online. The guide also contains a quick, easy, and affordable eating plan that your entire family will love.

You will receive a copy of my book, Fit Moms For Life: How To Have Endless Energy To Outplay Your Kids, which will be supplementary reading material. It contains my 5 key pillars to fat loss, as well as 31 inspiring transformational stories of women just like you.

We will be sending you a cool trendy bracelet that you can wear to identify yourself as a FM4Ler and it also gives you an opportunity to share with others what you are doing.

You will receive a food magnet that you can bring to the grocery store and hang up on your refrigerator with about 100 of the healthiest foods to be eating.


You will get access to our private Facebook group that will contain women from all over the world who are taking the 6 Week Challenge right along with you. My support team and myself will be there to work with you, answer questions you might have and celebrate your victories. 

You will be receiving well thought out weekly emails that will continue to motivate, educate and inspire you to reach the goals that you deserve to achieve.

You will be receiving 6 workouts on DVDs. Two of the workouts are 20 minutes long and require just your own bodyweight, while the other 4 are 30 minutes long and just require a set of hand weights and a stability ball.

Last, but definitely not least, you will receive access to our very own private members area, where you will find all of your materials online, where they are available to you 24-7, along with special bonuses and offers that we provide to members only!

If you invest in the digital-only version, you will receive all of the same information (participants guide, recipes and meal plan, workouts), but you will receive it all digitally, through our very own private members area.  You will not receive anything in the mail with this option.

I Am Super Busy… How Much of a Time Commitment Is This?

We designed this program for the busiest people on the planet, moms.  You will workout at home 2-4 times per week for just 20-30 minutes each time.  You will have about 30-45 minutes each week of reading and journaling which is designed to break through the limitations that have been holding you up in the past.

Dustin, This Sounds Awesome!
I Am Ready To Join.
What is My Investment?

If you were to hire a personal trainer 4X per week at $50/session it would cost you $1200 for the six weeks. Assuming the trainer was good, and you followed the program, you would definitely have gotten your money’s worth.

But, what if we could guarantee even BETTER results than if you had your own trainer?


What if I said it would be only 1/12 of the investment of hiring that personal trainer? So the hard copy version of this entire program will be one small payment of $99, which includes access to our beautiful, brand-new members area and all of your materials on-line.

The digital-only version of the same program is available for a limited time at our special membership site launch pricing of just $47.  A small one-time payment gives you lifetime access to the site and the materials.

Watch Out!!! After The 6 Weeks Are Up You Will…

• Have toned arms that would make Michelle Obama jealous
• Have so much energy that your kids can’t keep up with you
• Boost your confidence to ask for a raise at work, get out of a bad relationship, or try a new hobby
• Have your kids telling everyone that their mommy is super strong and healthy
• Want to spend more time in front of the camera than hiding behind it
• Trade your baggy, elastic filled clothes for sexier, form fitting clothes
• Love yourself enough to say NO sometimes
• Feel in complete control of your body, rather than feeling that it is controlling you

Picture what your life will be like just 6-Weeks from now…

I want you to imagine that it is a Friday night and you and your husband got a babysitter and are going out to have a magical time with each other. You are struggling to find what to wear, not because everything makes feel fat, but because everything you have in your closet now makes you feel incredibly beautiful and sexy.

When you do finally pick out your favorite colored dress that shows off your toned arms and tiny waist, you know all the time, effort, and focus you have put toward the Fit Moms For Life Six Week Transformation Challenge has been all worth it.

And that sparkle in your man’s eye when he sees you still gives you butterflies.

If you are still on the fence right now, let me ask you a question…

Are you worth $2.36 each day? Are you worth more than half a cup of Starbucks coffee each morning?

Are you worth more than a pack of cigarettes or a glass of wine?

Are you worth more than a dessert at your favorite restaurant?

YES! You Are!

You give to everyone else, you buy for everyone else, you sacrifice for everyone else, now it is your time to give yourself a gift that nobody else can give you; the gift of health, connection, and confidence. Once you feel that, no amount of money can make up for that feeling.

Join for only $99

Full Program

Join for only $47

Digital Version

If You Have Read Down To Here And Not Invested In Yourself Yet, You Might Be Cautious And Have Some More Questions… That is Totally Understandable, We have All Purchased Things Online And Been Disappointed


Q:  I am very out of shape and nervous to try an exercise program. I have seen infomercials for workouts that seem really hard.  I am afraid of hurting myself.  Will this program work for someone who has considerable weight to lose and hasn’t exercised in over a decade?

A:  Yes!  Having worked with so many people, we have perfected the art of creating workout DVDs that are gentle enough for the beginner yet challenging enough for the avid exerciser.  The secret is in variable resistance, and exercise modification and progression.  We have people needing to lose 200 lbs doing the workouts.

Q:  Is this just a digital product like most things it seems that are being sold online or do I actually get something in the mail?  I miss opening up packages.

A:  Although our competitors might be providing only digital products, we still send you the real deal, if you select the hard copy full version of this program.  With that option, you will receive in the mailbox a journal with menus, wrist band, DVDs, and Fit Moms For Life book.  You will also gain access to these and other bonus materials online, through our private membership area.  If you purchase the digital only option of this program, you will NOT receive materials in the mail.

Q:  What equipment will I need for the workouts?

A:  Two of the workouts are 20 minutes and only require your body.  The other four workouts only require a set of hand weights (8-15lbs) and a stability ball (55cm-65cm)