A Surprising Way to Manage Stress

It’s 8 AM, the school bus comes in 4 minutes and you have to be at work for a meeting by 8:30.

You’ve been up for hours already, tending to a crying baby, packing lunches, and trying to get everyone dressed, fed, and ready to head out for the day.

But your preschooler just had an accident, your baby spit up on your shirt, and you all needed to be out the door one minute ago.

No wonder you are STRESSED!

I’ve heard many versions of that story from the moms I’ve worked with over the years.

I’ve also had plenty of my clients who have struggled with chronic stressors of loss, caring for an ailing parent, job changes, moves, etc.

Stress happens to all of us, sometimes with devastating impacts to our bodies and our minds.

But I learned something amazing about stress recently from my good friend (and FM4L nutritional consultant) Tracie Fountain.

Recent studies have shown that the right mindset can completely transform your body’s response to stress… that the way that you THINK about stress and its impact on you can change the way that stress actually impacts you.

Think about that for a minute.

That means that you have the power to literally change what happens in your body when stress happens (because it will–we cannot eliminate stress!) by changing your mind.

Check out this mind-blowing TED talk for more.

Then join us for a free workshop tomorrow night as Tracie talks more about this and gives us some small steps that everyone can take in their daily lives to help change the way that we think about and respond to stress.

The workshop starts at 7 pm, October 27, at the Fit Moms Transformation Center at 202 South Gammon Road in Madison.

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Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn how to better manage this challenge!