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Healthy Living Workshops

Finally a Workshop To Teach You HOW to Implement Healthy, Quick, and Affordable Meals that You and Your Family will Love!

No more scratching your head asking yourself “What’s For Dinner?”

It is our goal at the Fit Moms Transformation Center to help you not only understand WHAT and WHY you should eat certain things, but also HOW to cook and prepare so that you aren’t left to the frozen boxed dinners.  It is time that we reclaim our food and have some tools to make delicious, nutritious, and quick meals that all will like.  That is why we are excited to be teaming up with Mary Hoffman, a certified nutrition coach and an expert at helping women balance the craziness of live and still make the time to prepare food that is good for the entire family.

We will be having a workshop about once a month, each month focusing on a different topic.

Our next Workshop

“Healthy Eating for Crazy-Busy People” Workshop

November 19th 6:30-7:30pm, followed by optional 30 min. Q&A.

Investment: $25   Location Fit Moms Transformation Center 202 South Gammon Road

  • Are you “crazy” busy and don’t feel you have time to eat healthy?
  • Are you rushed in the morning and just grab coffee for breakfast?
  • Do you end up at fast food restaurants when you are on the go?
  • Do you buy pre-packaged snacks and meals for convenience?
  • Is the thought of making a healthy dinner overwhelming?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is a must-attend event, regardless of how crazy-busy you are.  Learn practical and useful tips on how to eat healthy on the go for sustained energy and how to whip up quick and easy healthy meals for the whole family.  This workshop will show you HOW to overcome the challenge of eating healthy while juggling a demanding family schedule.  With the holiday season approaching, things will become more even more hectic and we need to remember to be thankful for our health and prioritize it as #1.  Don’t be too busy to invest in your health!

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Who is Mary?

Mary is a tried and true Badger fan!

Mary is a tried and true Badger fan!

Mary’s passion toward health and fitness began when she joined Dustin’s bootcamp in 2009.  She learned how important it is to combine exercise with a healthy diet.  Ever since then, she’s been fascinated with nutrition.  Mary’s friends and family consider her a “nutrition geek” because she would much rather read nutrition books and watch health related videos than watch the latest TV series or read a best seller fictional book.

After completing a formal education program and becoming a Certified Health Coach in 2012, Mary started teaching small group nutrition classes.  She now leads workshops designed to show busy people HOW to live a healthier lifestyle in a practical and easy way.  For example,  how to shop without needing to be an expert label reader, how to whip up quick and easy healthy meals without needing a recipe, how to pack a healthy kids lunch in less than 5 minutes, and lots more.  The workshops include demonstrations and are designed to be fun and interactive where people get to share their own tips and learn from each other.

Mary has been successful at living a healthy lifestyle while balancing the responsibilities of an active family, a dual career in nutrition and finance, and making time for herself.  She enjoys shopping at the farmers markets, biking, tennis, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.


*AADP Certified Health Coach

*Founder of Choice Nutrition, LLC

*Degree in Business – University of Wisconsin Madison


What Others Are Saying About Mary’s Workshops?

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from Mary’s nutrition/cooking classes.  In a fun and casual setting, Mary prepares healthy foods for you to try, explains their health benefits, and provides options depending on the extent to which one wants to change his or her eating and cooking habits.  The nutrition information she shared was presented in an easy-to-understand manner.  I would recommend Mary’s classes (workshops) to others since I believe we could all benefit from eating healthier!”  Tammy Peter