About Fit Moms For Life

09-14_10_bootcamp_079Fit Moms For Life isn’t just a workout, it’s not simply a diet, it can’t even be described as a weight loss plan; it’s a movement–a mission to help 1 million moms motivate each other get in the best mental, physical, and emotional shape of their life by 2015 and beyond. Above all, FM4L is a community of real moms helping each other see real results.  Click here for the FM4L creed.

The brainchild of one of America’s top fitness experts Dustin Maher, Fit Moms For Life brings together a community of likeminded moms who are eager to support each other on a journey to getting healthier, looking better, and feeling fitter than ever before. It’s about friendship, fun, and fitness, about feeling stronger than ever so that you can be your best self—for your family and for you.

How do you join the FM4L community and become part of the movement? However works best for you. Some moms will start workout groups and lead motivational sessions using the FM4L method. Others will join those groups, supplementing the workouts with DVDs they can do at home, online tips, tricks, and exercises, and Dustin’s book: Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids. And those who can’t get to a group can use the DVDs, books, and online materials in their own space and on their own time, but with the support of a virtual community—an online network of other moms working to be their best selves.

However you choose to make the most of the movement, you’ll be reaping the benefits of over 10 years of tried-and-true exercises, meal plans, and techniques that have already helped thousands of moms help each other to laugh louder, play longer, and feel fabulous.

Are you ready to become one in a million? Join the FM4L community and take the first step on a transformational journey to mental, physical, and spiritual health by starting the 6-Week Challenge today.