Take the 6-Week Challenge and Start Your Journey of Transformation

Give us six weeks and we won’t just change your looks, we’ll change your life.

After six weeks of regular, fat-burning workouts; simple, nutritional recipes (and shopping lists!) for every meal; and the support of a community of like-minded moms, you’ll look and feel better than ever. There are three easy ways to get—and stay—on track for a lifetime of fitness:


If you love the idea of helping others while transforming yourself, then you’re qualified to be an FM4L leader for the 6-Week Challenge—regardless of your fitness level. Here’s how it works: We’ll provide you with everything that you need to guide your group of moms through a series of six weekly meetings in which you work out, have fun, and discuss shared challenges to eating well, getting fit, and making time for yourself.

Your Leader’s Kit includes a week-by-week breakdown of exercises, motivational techniques, and meal plans, so all the planning has been done for you—you simply act as the catalyst who helps this group of moms become their best selves (and you collect a leader’s fee for your efforts!). It’s an opportunity to get healthy as you make money—but, best of all, it’s a chance to help women just like you look and feel better than ever. Ready to begin living your best life? We are launching the 6 week challenge beta groups soon. Click here to learn more about becoming a leader and to sign up and receive your FM4L 6 Week Challenge Leaders Kit!


FM4L groups are made up of like-minded moms who are committed to getting in the best shape of their lives through the 6-Week Challenge, and are led by a real mom who’s there to help make sure everyone involved sees real results. The leader will guide members through six fun, weekly meetings that are half exercise class and half support group for moms who want to learn how to get fit, eat well and make time for themselves. Members are encouraged to work out at home to 30-minute FM4L workout DVDs 2 or 3 other times per week; to follow the 6-week food plan of easy, healthy, fat-burning recipes; and to complete fast, fun “homework” exercises that will keep their energy level going up and their weight going down. Those who join groups will lose weight and gain friends in a community of moms helping moms live their best lives. Learn more and find out if there’s already a group in your area check out the leaders map below to join a FM4L 6-Week Challenge group now!  Click here to learn more about joining a FM4L 6 Week Challenge.

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If you can’t find an FM4L group near you, and aren’t able to start one, you can still take the 6-Week Challenge and become part of the Million Mom Movement by doing the at-home 30-minute FM4L workout videos 3 or 4 times a week; following the fat-burning nutrition plan of meals that are easy-to-make and healthy-to-eat; and completing the thought-provoking “homework” assignments. And just because you’re taking the challenge at home doesn’t mean you’ll be doing it alone. Thanks to our private online network, those moms who can’t find a group near them end up joining the largest community of all—one that meets in cyberspace. And who knows? Maybe within that community, you’ll make friends who live nearby, and end up starting an in-person group of your own one day. Whatever happens, we know your joining will be the beginning of beautiful friendships—whether those are between you and other moms, you and fitness, or, most likely, both.  Click here to join the Fit Moms for Life 6 Week Challenge, and watch your email for the dates of our next virtual 6 Week Challenge group.